Why SVI?

Our people, our technology and our ability to deliver the highest quality work on time are the reasons for our success. The following are major differences between us and our competitors:

Our Team

The SVI team is really an exceptional group of people. We have more trained Valve Technicians than any other valve service provider on the east coast. Our entire team of highly experienced Technicians, Support Staff, Engineers and Project Managers work together cohesively and efficiently to bring you a quality of service that's second to none.

Industry Leaders

Being the clear market leader in the Southeast is a privileged position achieved through years of dedicated service. Our facilities, people, experience, knowledge base and sheer capacity separate us from the rest of the pack. At any given time, ask any SVI customer and you're highly likely to hear about the competency of our team, the highest quality workmanship and our ability to meet deadlines. We live by our reputation and we work very hard to maintain it.

The Most Advanced Technology

    The use of state of the art technology is second nature at SVI. We use technology to eliminate guesswork. Through sophisticated valve diagnostics we can accurately determine which valves need repair and the extent of work required. Inline diagnostics and testing eliminates unnecessary waste and increases plant up-time.

Mobile Repair Shops and Workshop Facilities

SVI has seven (7) mobile repair shops of which five (5) are equipped to test and certify steam service safety valves (A NBIC and ASME requirement) at any plant site. We also built a mobile boiler to provide steam to our mobile repair shops. We also have four (4) facilities in NC, GA, VA and IN to accomodate response to any and all emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Warranty and Certification

Each valve repaired by SVI is rebuilt, tested, and certified in strict accordance with our quality assurance manual, standard operating repair/ test procedures, and repair/test certificate. SVI offers a full one (1) year warranty on parts and labor from the date the valve is put into service. SVI's commitment to quality, safety and accountability can be seen throughout our entire operation.

Valve Traceability

Each and every valve refurbished by SVI is tagged with a unique identification number and logged onto our database with full details of the service history. That means we can accurately track the performance and maintenance record of every valve throughout its life, and answer any questions you may have.

    Major Shutdown Capability

    SVI has participated in many of the largest shutdowns in the area. Our resources for such shutdowns extend well beyond our own Valve Technicians and support personnel. We have cross-trained valve technicians, welders, fabricators and machinists in both SVI and our sister company Controls Southeast, Inc. During busy outage seasons, SVI has access to more than 200 additional personnel. Our resources are capable of meeting any demand and our track record on major shutdowns is impeccable.

    Safety Record

    Here at SVI, we are extremely proud of our safety record. Since its inception, SVI has never had a lost time accident. We strictly adhere to our comprehensive safety manual and routinely train all of our personnel to comply with it. Our production manager, superintendant and all supervisors are required to have 30 hours of OSHA training and all crafts personnel are requried to have 10 hours of OSHA training.