SVI originated as an industrial valve repair service company. Since then, we have developed many other services such as: custom machining, welding, pipe fabrication / installation and heat exchanger / vessel repairs. We have serviced the chemical, utility, municipal, pharmaceutical, pulp & paper industries for over 40 years. We are a one stop maintenance service provider. Our services Include the following:

  • Repair, setting and certification of Safety Valves.
  • Repair of process valves and pneumatic controls.
  • Repair and calibration of meters and gauges.
  • Repair and certification of control valves.
  • Valve diagnostics for safety and control valves.
  • Repair of water and steam regulators.
  • Repair and testing of backflow devices.
  • Welding and fabrication of piping assemblies.
  • Repair and modification of code-stamped vessels.
  • Custom design and engineering of piping systems.
  • Core sample drilling of hot reheat piping.
  • Custom machining in our shops and on-site.
  • Valve tracking/inventory programs.
  • Management of industrial maintenance programs.

Whatever your needs might be, we are dedicated to providing all of our services to the highest standards of quality, safety and accountability.

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