Reyco Valves

Why Reyco?

  • Single trim for all services provides full capacity at 10% overpressure for liquid, steam, or vapor applications.
  • Reversible disc provides a spare part in every valve.
  • Nozzle threads at top ensure better nozzle to body alignment and reduce maintenance effort.
  • Disc retention by ring eliminates potential of thread corrosion and need for special maintenance tools.
  • Standard Inconel® 625 Bellows offers better corrosion resistance and 316L stainless steel, at no extra cost.
  • Springs within a pressure class and orifice size are designed with a fixed I.D. to eliminate the need to custom-machine steps for each spring.
  • Identical nozzle ring for each orifice size, regardless of pressure range or seat design, to reduce parts variation.
  • In the soft seat option, the spring load is applied directly to the metal seat, increasing service life of the O-ring. The soft seat disc retains the metal seat on its reversible side.


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