Field Capabilities



SVI has performed in-plant repair services since 1983 which include valve refurbishment, custom machining, welding and fabrication. Over the years, our coverage has expanded northward to New York, westward to California, and southward to Texas. On any given day, an SVI crew may be repairing and certifying pressure relief valves in Virginia, while another crew is custom machining a seat replacement in a turbine valve in Kentucky and another crew is fabricating and installing a hot oil piping system in New York. For plants with routine valve maintenance schedules, we offer free pick-up and delivery within 150 miles radius from our headquarters and all of our satellite facilities.

Every week SVI crews are on the road in several different plants, performing maintenance and repair tasks that invariably challenge their abilities to finish assignments on time. Regardless of time constraints, however, the most important job of every SVI crew is task safety.

Safety training, individually and collectively, is the heartbeat of our business. Over the years, SVI's diligence to safety has produced one of the finest safety records in the industry. We are very proud of our safety history, and we are committed to improving this enviable achievement.

SVI operates seven mobile valve repair units that are equipped with:

  • Technician Repair Stations
  • Steam, Air & Liquid Test Equipment
  • Abrasive parts Cleaning Equipment
  • Welding & Burning Equipment
  • Fully Functioning Mobile Machine Shop
  • Engine Lathe and Milling Machines
  • Portable Machining and Grinding Equipment